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SRM TRP Engineering College

Our Trust

  • SRM IST Trust, the eminent forerunner in the field of education has etched its name and has won a special place in the hearts of people by dint of its sincerity ,hard work and innovative approaches to imparting education.The Trust has established a number of institutions to its credit in various fields such as arts,basic sciences and medicine,engineering and technology.The lakhs and lakhs of students who have passed out its portals and have been pursuing intensive research and successful careers all over the world, are living testimonies to the glorious contribution that the trust has made to the society.
  • The humble beginnings of our venerable Chairman Dr.T.R.Paarivendhar as a teacher has given him the opportunity to feel the pulse of the field of education ,to become sensitive to the needs of the learners and teachers and to find effective ways of fulfilling those needs.This has certainly given him an edge over the others in the arena and has led to the fruitful services to all strata of society over the decades.The urge to serve humanity has helped him to sustain a high quality in education in the increasing number of his institutions


NamePositionQualificationPresent Designation/OccupationTelephone NumbersMobile No.E-mail IDAddress
Dr.B.Ganesh BabuMember Secretary Ph.D.Production EngineeringMember Secretary 0431-22589409443676464[email protected]SRM TRP Engineering College,Tiruchirappalli-621 105.
Mr. The Secretary Higher Education Dept AMember SecretaryPh.D.-Faculty of Science and HumanitiesEx officio044-247472319940036004[email protected]No.3,Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033
Mr. The Commissioner of Technical Education AMember SecretaryPh.D.-Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringEx officio044-247472319940036009[email protected]No.3,Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033.
Mr. AICTE Nominee AMember SecretaryPh.D.-Civil EngineeringEx officio044-247472319940036009[email protected]No.3,Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033.
Mr. Anna University Nominee AMember SecretaryPh.D.- Faculty of Electrical EngineeringEx officio0431-30589470431-3058947[email protected]Anna University, Thiruchirapalli-620 020
Ms.Rani MuralidharanMember SecretaryOTHERS-C.A-
Ex officio044-24222629940036004[email protected]No.30,Chennai Byepass Road,Mannarpuram, Trichy-620008
Mr.Varadharajan NMember SecreatryM.E.-Thermal EngineeringTrustee044-2474723199940036009[email protected]No.3,Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033.
Dr.Sridhar T.SMemberPh.D.-Others-Faculty of Science and HumanitiesMember044-2474723199940036009[email protected]No.3,Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033.
Dr.Muthamizh Chelvan CMemberPh.D.-Others-Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringMember044-247472319940036004[email protected]No.3,Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033.
Dr.Sethuraman NMemberPh.D.-others-EnglishMember044-247472319790946079[email protected]No.3,Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033.
Dr.Shivakumar RChairmanPh.D.-others
Chairman044-247472319940026012[email protected]No.3,Veerasamy Street, West Mambalam,Chennai-600 033.


Sl. No. NamePosition Qualification Present Professional
Position/ Occupation
E-mail Address
1Dr.T. R. PAARIVENDHARChairmanB.Sc., AMIEChairman of the
044-24747234[email protected]
No.3, Veerasamy St,
West Mambalam
Chennai – 600 033.
2Mr. P. RAVIMemberB.A., MBAMember of the
044-24747234 “
3Mr. P. SATHYANARAYANANMemberB.E., M.S., Member of the
4Mrs. P. EASWARIMember -Member of the