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Our Principal

Dr. B. Ganesh Babu, M.E., Ph.D.,
Dr. B. Ganesh Babu, M.E., Ph.D.,
Message from our Principal

A paradigm shift has been noticed in higher education now a days, from ‘National education‘to ‘Global education’, from ‘One time education for a few’ to ‘lifelong education for all’, from ‘teacher- centric education’ to ‘learner centric education’.

The Indian higher education system has a new role and a challenge to provide to the nation and the world at large, skilled human power at all levels, having breadth of knowledge and confidence to effectively confront the social and economic realities.

Moreover, discipline which is a non-negotiable factor in a student’s life on our campus, inculcates the values of time management and punctuality. Emotional intelligence, which has now become a critical prerequisite for any employee, is nurtured through full – fledged value education classes and regular counseling sessions.

Industry – Academia network includes interaction with top corporate managers and guest lectures by visiting professors to facilitate a smooth campus to corporate transition for the students and to enhance their employability quotient.

I am confident that our institution SRM TRPEC, with its rich legacy, will continue to shape the future of the young minds of our country and transform their potential into successful careers resulting in national development and global accomplishment.