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About The Department

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering started in the year 2010 with intake of 60 students and additional intake of 120 students in the year of 2012. The course is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The department faculty members are well experienced and technically excellent imparting knowledge and skills to inculcate the professional responsibilities to play leadership role along with their diverse career paths and develop capability to utilize engineering skills in industry, research centers, and national laboratories and entrepreneurship. The laboratory of the department is excellent with state of art equipments and software related to the field of Engineering. To inculcate R & D acumen, faculty members encourage the students to implement innovative ideas in their project works.


  • To nurture the talents with Electronics and Communication Engineering knowledge and encouraging the creativity and curiosity among the students to meet the technologically emerging global industrial needs


  • To generate and disseminate knowledge and technologies essential to the local and global needs in the field of electronics and communication engineering.

  • To inculcate the talent to have a multidisciplinary view with an ability to work effectively as members of a team composed of individuals from different disciplines.

  • To provide a challenging, relevant and dynamic world-class program that further engages students in their education while preparing them for leadership roles in a technical work environment.

  • To provide our students with information on contemporary professional, societal, and global issues, as well as the nature and background of diverse cultures. It infuses the scientific temper in the students towards the research in Electronics and communication engineering.

  • To develop the desire to keep learning throughout life and a passion towards modern technical engineering tools for understanding professional and ethical standards.

Program Educational Objective

  • Our Graduates will utilize the knowledge in bringing new technological advancements in the field of Electronics and Communication.
  • Our graduates will be successful in their lifelong learning through higher education in reputed institutions or self-study.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to work on multidisciplinary projects thereby producing graduates who will exhibit teamwork, ensuring  development of sustainable and inclusive Technology
  • Our graduates will be socially responsible citizens and will provide a solution to the persisting problems of the people in their own locality.

Program Outcomes

The Graduate of Electronics and Communication Engineering will have

  • To strengthen the concepts and fundamentals in mathematics, science and engineering to develop analytical skills.
  • A Clear understanding of the underlying concepts of the technology used in the field of Communication.
  • Graduates will able to design components and process for Electronics and communication engineering problems to meet needs of public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental conditions.
  • The ability to identify and solve Engineering problems in their discipline.
  • The capability to communicate effectively and work in interdisciplinary projects.
  • The knowledge to collect and interpret data and hence design a system efficiently and effectively.
  • The interest towards continuous education throughout their life.
  • The understanding of professional and Ethical responsibility.
  • Ability to use the skills and techniques necessary for bringing up social and environmental changes.
  • Ability to participate and succeed in competitive examinations.


B.E Electronics & Communication Engineering

Approved Intake