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Extracurricular activities serve as a way to expand the network. Besides education, SRM TRPEC Campus Life Department gives more opportunities to create such networking through various Clubs and other groups to develop natural skills and passions. It encouraging the students to be mindful of what they naturally gravitate toward and also seeks to create an environment where every student feels connected, safe, empowered, respected and included because, when students become deeply involved in one or two activities they are demonstrating qualities like leadership, commitment, responsibility, and a willingness to connect with others and positively impact the world around them. These attributes help them to get offer life skills and would make a solid addition to a campus community.


  • To create an environment in which we support students’ intellectual and personal development.
  • Finding the core value embedded in students. (e.g., volunteer and service activities, skills-oriented learning)
  • Brings out the choice, diversity, interdisciplinary, independence, and responsibility in this campus
  • Enhancing the relationship between faculty-student
  • Creating viable smaller communities within the campus community.
  • Overall engage students and prepare them for the real world.


Prof. DM Vishvamanimegalai
Campus Life Coordinator
Srm Trichy Campus
Srm Nagar
Tirucnirappalli-621 105

Contact: campuslife.co@srmtrichy.edu.in