Our Principal

Message from our Principal

Our Principal

Dr. B. Ganesh Babu, M.E., Ph.D.,
Dr.B.Ganesh Babu, Ph.D.
SRM TRP Engineering College


     “The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth”. 

      It is a matter of abiding of joy in witnessing the commendable growth of our SRM TRP Engineering College which moves towards impeccable standards with social commitment and cultural diversity. Under the dynamic leadership and guidance of the yeomen service for education has embarked on a marvelous milestone.  The hard work and relentless efforts of our Chairman has elevated the reputation of the Institution to a distinguished level. Our campus is blessed with serene beauty, greenery, refreshed ambience and clean environment to provide comprehensive education in a harmonious manner. SRM TRPEC has made its imprints in the society by providing higher education, placement opportunities and international relations to enhance students to rejuvenate in career – oriented objectives emphatically. The potentials of the students are channelized according to the creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and socially accelerate responsibilities with scrupulous care to embellish values to build magnificent society fostered positively in the campus. Our premier college functions efficaciously with the devoted and efficient faculty members to reach higher levels of superiority on every sphere of academics activities including research, sports and co-curricular activities with excellent infrastructure. SRM TRPEC imbibes the budding engineers to have strong belief and confidence to become entrepreneurs and set industries enabling to give employment with the technical knowhow.

               I express my hearty wishes for the graduates to utilize the education of the college which blends the practical training and the personality development harmoniously to ascend success in life.