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Civil Engineering


Total Cost : Rs. 1148925 /-

Through this lab students acquire Torque, hardness of the materials like steel brass and aluminum, and measure impact value of the materials like MS, brass and aluminum. This helps to find out how they utilize the building materials in the field.


Total Cost : Rs. 1588001 /-

Students measure flow analysis of fluid through various conduits viz Venturi meter, Orifice, Mouth piece ect.,. In Hydraulic machineries viz Pelton Turbine, Kaplan and Francis turbine, they can measure the characteristics of the fluid. In meta centric experiment helps to know about the designing of prozolyne model ships, ;and boats.


Total Cost : Rs. 1724050 /-

This lab inculcates the modes calculating the horizontal distances and vertical distances and inclination of planes, using the surveying instruments such as theodolites, plane tables, chains, compass, Total station ect.,. Students can measure the area and volume of the boundary which in turn helps in Railways, roads and bridges using Total Station using latest version.


Total Cost : Rs. 733349/-

Soil is one of the most important engineering materials. Determination of soil conditions is the most important first phase of work for every type of civil engineering facility. Soil properties are determined by both field and laboratory test methods. In this course, you will learn several laboratory tests that are very commonly performed to determine different properties of soils. These properties are essential for the design of foundation and earth structures.


Total Cost : Rs. 393200 /-

Model designs are supported by the Engineering Teaching Departments, which helps us to implement latest educational products  to enhance the  teaching processes,  to meet the changing needs of engineering students and technical teaching staff.


Total Cost : Rs. 397155/-

The  Environmental Engineering laboratory is well equipped with latest equipments and testing facilities in the area of drinking water quality analysis, waste water analysis, sludge analysis, salt contents in soil etc. Testing and consultancy activities are carried out for various government agencies like Public Works Department, TWAD board, Highways Department and also for various private agencies.

Transportation Engineering Lab

Total Cost : Rs. 612530 /-

We are having well equipped highway engineering laboratory which has equipments like Marshall stability machine, Ductility equipment, Compression testing machine, Deval abrasion apparatus, California bearing ration apparatus, Impact testing apparatus, Penotrometer for bitumen etc are available. Various consultancy and testing activities like crushing test, Impact test, Abrasion test, Marshall stability are done for various organizations both from government and private sectors.


Total Cost : Rs. 1156625 /-

The concrete laboratory is equipped with all the latest equipments for testing the quality of cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates, concrete cubes and sieve analysis of aggregates. The consultancy and testing activities are offered for customers from all over Tamilnadu both from private and government sectors. The durability tests are also offered for various organizations.


The computer centre in the department of civil engineering was established in the year 2010 to provide knowledge on the computer based analysis, design & drafting to the students and to carry out research & consultancy services. To provide a quality education to the students. The computational laboratory well equipped with all advanced facilities including 36 computers and latest softwares like AUTOCAD 2010, STAADPRO Ver-2008 V8i, MS Project, PRIMAVERA Ver-3.3, STRAP Ver-12.5 etc. Also the laboratory is available with adequate printing facilities and kept open for use by students beyond working hours

Sl. No.Name of the LabCost (Rs.)
1Survey Lab1724050
2Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab1588001
3Strength of Materials Lab1148925
4Soil Mechanics Lab733349
5Environmental Engg Lab397155
6Model Lab393200
7Transportation Engg Lab612530
8Concrete Lab1156625
Total Cost7753835