SRM International Immersion and Internship Programme Malaysia

SRM TRP takes pride in its extensive global outreach, ensuring our students gain international exposure and cutting-edge expertise. An exemplar of this commitment is our Malaysia Immersion and Internship Program. Launched in July 23, the program introduces students to a unique international environment, enabling them to broaden their academic, cultural, and professional horizons.

Program Highlights:

Day 1: Business Forum with Dr. MV Shankar

Our program began with an insightful session with Dr. MV Shankar, President of the “Chambers of Digital Entrepreneurs Development.” Here, students were provided with an opportunity to explore innovative business concepts, engage with leading entrepreneurs, and gain a deeper understanding of digital entrepreneurship.

Day 2: SRM International Immersion and Internship Programme – Malaysia

Day two was focused on immersing our students in the diverse Malaysian business landscape. This day was filled with a series of comprehensive sessions where they gained a deep insight into Malaysia’s vibrant economic, social, and cultural dynamics.

Session 2: Bureaucracy & Governance Forum

A significant highlight was our collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia. Students interacted with the Director and officers of the Selangor Youth & Sports Department, gaining invaluable insights into youth initiatives and programs in Malaysia. This was further enriched by a facilities visit, offering a practical perspective on youth initiatives and opportunities.

At SRM TRP, our commitment to international relations extends beyond academic curriculum. We strive to provide our students with a holistic global experience, facilitating engagement with different cultures, perspectives, and opportunities. Our Malaysia Immersion and Internship Program is just a glimpse into the plethora of global experiences awaiting our students.

Day 3, Session 3

As a part of the International Immersion Programme SRM TRP Engineering College, Tiruchirappalli under International Relations, students attended Internship from 2-8 July 2023. Today on 04/07/2023, our SRM students had an wonderful opportunity to visit SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Centre, under the ministry of Local Government Development at Kuala Lumpur.

Mr.Syed Iskandar, Senior Executive of the SDG Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cities and Community Well-being explained about the practices followed by the Malaysian Govt to adopt all stages. Students highly appreciated the program by interacting with the speaker and learned the best practices implemented by the government. There were discussions about the Implementation of our SRM prescribed course ‘Community Projects’ for adoption inline with the SDG.