Communication and Soft Skills Laboratory

English Department


To enable learners to develop their communicative competence.

To facilitate them to hone their soft skills.

To equip them with employability skills to enhance their prospect of placements.

Our department has installed ‘Globarena” software in our communication laboratory. Our lab is equipped with 36 systems. It has different topics and video clips to display the students for the development of their career. Faculty members are also conducting group discussion and mock interviews for the students to develop their communication skills.

The lab aims to improve communication skills in English. It facilitates a broad range of activities that involve students in reading, writing, listening and speaking the target language. Teachers can launch student activities on computers and support them while they work individually, in pairs or in groups. They can monitor student’s response and run testing exercises.

Apart from the regular classroom training, the department also has a fully equipped computer-aided Soft Skills lab. The activities that are conducted in the lab are designed to hone the employability skills of the students.