Green Campus

Green Campus

SRM TRP Engineering College has embraced various green initiatives, enhancing the eco-friendly ambiance of the campus. Dedicated parking facilities for both two and four-wheelers are provided separately for faculty and students near the entrance, with vehicle parking signboards placed at designated areas. Security personnel are stationed at key points to enforce restricted entry of automobiles in no parking zones.

To reduce CO2 emissions and maintain a fresh atmosphere, staff and students utilize bicycles or battery-powered four-wheelers within the campus. Pedestrian-friendly pathways are encouraged for convenience and safety, with landscaping featuring trees along the pathways to provide shade, enhance greenery, and mitigate pollution.

Efforts to achieve a plastic-free environment include issuing circulars to minimize plastic usage among all stakeholders on campus. Posters are strategically placed to raise awareness and motivate individuals to avoid plastic. Dustbins have been replaced with biodegradable plastics and steel alternatives to support the ban on plastic.

The college remains dedicated to tree planting initiatives, resulting in the presence of over 2000 trees on campus to support biodiversity and promote green initiatives.


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