IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

SRM TRPEC has focused consistently and deployed best-in-class IT infrastructure and applications development for Academic and Research support.

Internet & Intranet

Our college features a dedicated internet lab that operates 24/7, providing free internet access to our students. We have a 1 Gbps leased line connection from JioFiber Net, ensuring high-speed internet access, which can be utilized from over 700 computers across all departments.


Across the campus, the college boasts over 700 Desktop PCs dispersed throughout different academic blocks, all interconnected via a fiber optic backbone. Internet connectivity is extended to all these computing devices.


The college has acquired a sufficient number of licenses for licensed software in alignment with the curriculum requirements. All laboratories are equipped with licensed software to support lab sessions, research activities, and training for certification programs. A transition from proprietary software to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) began a decade ago, resulting in the majority of our computers now operating solely on Open Source Technologies. We prioritize the use of free and open source alternatives whenever feasible, while still maintaining some proprietary software in select labs to expose students and faculty to the latest technologies.


Additionally, we offer complimentary 24×7 Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire campus, encompassing hostels, cafeteria, seminar halls, and auditoriums, enabling students and faculty to access the internet from anywhere on campus. The campus intranet serves as a hub for essential information such as test schedules, timetables, examination schedules, campus news, and comprehensive details about the college, enriching the academic experience for all.

Data Center

The institution features a Center of Technical Support, complete with a 90-square-meter Data Centre dedicated to efficiently managing network operations. This center hosts all Rack & Blade servers, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for optimal performance. The server infrastructure is equipped with high-power capabilities, complemented by a 4 TB Network Attached Storage (NAS) system designated for backup purposes.


A Sonic firewall has been implemented to effectively manage increased loads on both network and applications, serving the needs of academic and administrative processes. This measure enhances campus security, ensuring a safe environment for all users.

ICT Facilities

Classrooms and seminar halls are outfitted with interactive panels, smartboards, and LCD projectors, facilitating dynamic and engaging presentations for enhanced learning experiences.

Biometric / Barcode Scanners

Biometric systems have been installed campus-wide to track staff attendance efficiently. In addition, barcode scanners are provided in the library for book issuance/return purposes and to monitor the movement of students and faculty entering and exiting the premises.

Centre for Technical Support

SRM Axis Intellects oversees all IT-related activities on campus, including network management, hardware and software maintenance, interactive panels, projectors, UPS systems, and general IT upkeep.

IT Facilities