Maths Department

TRP Engineering College

About The Department

The department of mathematics offers assistance to many information technology and engineering courses of the college. It is committed to the cost of quality education in mathematics that forms the basis for all the other fields and IT. It provides a good theoretical foundation through high quality teaching complemented by extensive practical training. The department encourages the students to participate in the curricular and extracurricular activities to bring out the latest talents. The department has nine rich experienced and dynamic staff members including one Ph.D. holder and six faculty members pursuing Ph.D.


The study of mathematics offers a unique and important way of interpreting the world around us, bringing accuracy and rigor to the quest for discovering patterns in observations both abstract and concrete. The heart of our endeavour is excellence in teaching and learning. To that end, we value individual work with all students; we encourage the development of students.


  • Making engineers to develop mathematical techniques for applying practical applications.
  • Provide the required mathematical support in real life problems and develop mathematical models which can be used in several areas of science and engineering.
  • Create a scientifically sound description of how mathematics education can become genuinely effective for all students
  • Impart knowledge on mathematical methods that will come in handy to solve numerically the problems that arise in engineering and technology.  This will also serve as a precursor for future research.