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About Research & Development Cell

SRM TRP Engineering College recognized the prominence of Research & Development in the vertical growth of the institution and thereby established the Research & Development cell to emphasis on the scientific and industrial research in the various engineering disciplines. This cell is one of the divisions of the Institute which expedites and channelizes all the academic, sponsored, collaborative research projects and consultancy works in the Institute. Supported by the Management, Headed by Principals, Heads of Departments and other Senior Faculty Members, R & D reviews the Projects of Under Graduate and Post Graduate students in final year and identify best projects and extend the project for filing Patents or Copyrights. With the innovative methods in teaching and training both the faculty members and students have created an impact on education, research and innovation. The R&D cell monitors the research and development activities of the institution and focuses on the submission of project proposals to various funding agencies and also recommends for the campus and other infrastructure developments. R&D cell also offers a quality research training practice for the students and faculty members in the recent frontiers of Engineering and Technology and thereby satisfying the needs of the industry and the society and thus help in building our national potential in technology and research for the development of the country.