16 Feb 2016


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The Department of Civil Engineering at SRM TRP Engineering College organized an extensive survey camp for Civil Engineering Students in Mahilampadi Village, Trichy, Tamilnadu. A group of 64 students accompanied by eight Civil Engineering Faculty members undertook the survey program.

In the ten-day camp, the students were asked to complete the following projects.

  1. Detailed surveying of a new road for a length of 1.2 Km.
  2. Construction of New tank for storing the water and design of a canal.
  3. Increasing the height of old tank near arabindho Ashram, Sirugaur Village.
  4. Design of water supply and sanitation to the existing and future population for the Chettikulam.

At the end of the camp, the students performed the design of the above mentioned projects and submitted the report along with detailed drawings. From this survey camp, the students obtained extensive hands-on experience in the use of land surveying instruments and in the essentials of survey practice. It has helped the students in learning surveying techniques practically, which has instilled in them, the confidence to work with good precision and accuracy in their future industrial field surveys.